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Two Guys Records is an indie label that specializes in niche, limited edition pressings of classic game soundtracks and remixes on vinyl.

The big question: Why?

Video game soundtracks on vinyl is nothing new. But there is a distinct lack of records available from the golden age of DOS, circa 1985-1995.

We aim to change that.

The second big question: How?

We don’t just want to put out records that are recordings straight off the games. We feel these soundtracks deserve some extra care and attention.

With the advent of modern music-making software, we take the MIDI files from the original games and shape them into something unique.

We then package these “reorchestrated soundtracks” into lovely limited edition vinyl packages.

We crowdfund the pressings of these records through services like Qrates and Digger’s Factory, making for a very simple business model: if not enough people are interested in the record, it simply won’t get made.

We also use services like Kunaki and TrepStar to offer other physical variants such as CDs and lathe cut vinyls.