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Finally! We’re doing SQ4 again – and this time we’re doing it right!

I’ll bet a lot of you reading this email right now joined the mailing list because they wanted to know when Space Quest IV was getting repressed. Well, this is the email you’ve waited for.

On Monday, October 4th 2020, I am launching the crowdfunding campaign for “Space Quest IV – Blue Frogs Edition.”

It needs a minimum of 200 backers, so please spread the word! I did this so you wouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it (price per copy is €26.10, or $30.36 USD, excl. shipping). It does also mean that we have to reach 200 backers or it won’t get made at all!

Why did I do this when I previously said I’d set it at 100? Because it would have cost nearly three times as much if we only made 100 copies. The more I looked at it, the more insane it sounded. So it’s back to biting my nails and hoping that 200 people will be interested in this!

The campaign will run for 40 days. That’s nearly a month and a half, so hopefully it’ll have time to get the number of backers it needs. It starts Monday, Oct. 4th and ends Friday, Nov. 13th.

To reduce cost as much as possible, these are standard black vinyls. There will be no test pressings; instead, they will ship directly off to backers once the artwork proofs have been approved. They are, however, heavy vinyl (180g, I believe), so they should be a lot more durable than the original run!

This version contains all the music from the first 12″ soundtrack album I did — pretty much unchanged, except for the “Streets of Xenon” music which I replaced with the tune everyone wanted to hear — along with all the music from the 7″ Galaxy Galleria EP, plus 5 bonus tracks.

The bonus tracks are:

  • The Xenon Cyborg (contrary to popular belief he’s not a zombie) and his pal, the Droid-o-Death
  • The slime friend in Xenon’s sewers
  • The EpiRip 357 torture scene in the Latex Babes’ lair
  • The laser tunnel before you get into the Super Computer

All in all, 40 tracks on a double LP. The cover is a mash-up of the time rip from the EGA 16 color version with a VGA 256 color Roger Wilco.

The back of the record has a 3D rendering of the Aluminum Mallard made by John Hnatowych, aka @iamnotsteven on Twitter.

The inner gatefold contains a selection of screenshots from the game that have been AI upscaled to high resolution by Brandon Blume.

I hope you are as excited for this “definitive version” as I am. It fixes a couple of issues with the original run (no bum note this time!) and has 5 extra tracks, but otherwise it’s exactly the same as the first one.

Again, the campaign starts on Monday. Please share this news with everyone you feel may be interested. The SQ5 campaign barely made its funding goal, so I’m really nervous that this one might struggle as well. Let’s hope it won’t!

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