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Funding now: A record of chill remixes of King’s Quest music

It started, very innocently, with a couple of chill remixes to use as background music in my King’s Quest videos. Then, suddenly, while chatting on the SQH Discord, things spiralled out of control. All of a sudden, we had a record of remixes on our hands. And someone – it was probably me – inevitably said, “We should put this on vinyl!”

And here it is:

Pre-order now on

This swirly psychedelic vinyl features remixes of tunes from King’s Quests I-VI by Jon Paul Sapsford, Brandon Blume, JBH, and yours truly (SQH).

If successful in reaching its goal of 200 pre-orders, it will be pressed on a lovely heavy-duty swirly vinyl with a full-color sleeve featuring original photographs of CRT monitors playing King’s Quest surrounded by musical instruments – and anti-static inner sleeves to protect the records for generations to come.

The record contains the following music:

A1. Gwydion’s Gambit
(a remix of Gwydion’s theme from KQ3)
by Jon Paul Sapsford
A2. Oracle (Infinite Knowledge Remix)
(a remix of the Oracle theme from KQ6)
by Brandon Blume
A3. Dwarf Chill
(a remix of the Seven Dwarves theme from KQ4)
by SQH
A4. Meeting with Alhazred
(a remix of Alhazred’s theme from KQ6)
by Jon Paul Sapsford
A5. Crisp’n’Chill
(a remix of Crispin’s theme from KQ5)
by SQH
A6. Greensleeves
(a reimagining of the Greensleeves main theme from KQ2)
by JBH

B1. Isle of the Chill
(a remix of the Isle of the Crown town music from KQ6)
by SQH
B2. Sailing on the Vaporwaves
(a remix of the seagulls music from the opening cinematic of KQ6)
by Brandon Blume
B3. Witch’s Groove
(a remix of the forest witch’s theme from KQ5)
by SQH
B4. A Vala-Nice Kiss
(a remix of Valanice’s theme from the Apple IIGS version of KQ2)
by SQH
B5. Girl in the Tower
(an instrumental synthwave reimagining of the iconic song from KQ6)
by Jon Paul Sapsford

Want a digital version?
You can download the digital version of the album for free on Bandcamp.

As usual, this is a 100% non-profit fan project, and we are once again donating all proceeds to the American Cancer Society. Everyone who contributed to this project did so for no compensation – other than the sheer fun of it.

Please spread the word about this campaign and pre-order your copy today! Thank you so much.

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