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Gabriel Knight remixed on 2x colored vinyl

We are very happy to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for Gabriel Knight: Synths of the Fathers (yes, terrible pun, we know) has begun!

Pre-order your copy now

The record features 11 remixes of music from the first Gabriel Knight game. Some are in the same EBM/industrial/synthwave style as the Duke Nukem record; some are a bit more like slow-tempo electronic rock (complete with live drumming and guitars!); and, to cap it all off, there’s a 14 minute long medley of tracks in a soothing electronic symphony style!

Original composer Robert Holmes has given his thumbs-up and support for the project, and he wrote some very nice liner notes for the record:

“I’m very proud of the music from the GK games, and to see it revisited with such passion and care, along with a healthy dose of newly injected perspective and creativity, is a true joy! Add to this the ability to enjoy it on vinyl and have it hopefully reach a new audience, and I’m beyond thrilled. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!”

— Robert Holmes

The record is housed in a gatefold jacket that features absolutely gorgeous art by Forgotton Anne designer George Avdoulos:

The campaign runs from April 4th – May 9th, 2022 and needs a minimum of 200 pre-orders. It’s priced at $48 (excl. shipping).

You all know the drill: If we don’t get to 200 pre-orders before May 9th, then this thing won’t get made at all.

Oh, and something I keep forgetting to remind you — if you pledge for more than one copy, those additional copies also count towards the total! So if you were to, say, pledge for three copies, then that counts as three pre-orders towards the 200.

Thank you so much for your continued support! I hope we can make this happen. It’s probably the record I’m the most proud of yet, and it will be a beautiful collector’s object — that, true to tradition, will likely never get repressed!

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