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Two Guys Records profiled on Qrates

We had the great honor of being featured on Qrates in their ongoing profile series of creators. We’ve used Qrates for every crowdfunding campaign we’ve done so far, and it’s amazing to get this kind of recognition.

Delving into vinyl soundtrack releases and remixes is a more recent venture for Pleimert, and he remembers the idea forming at a PAX West video game conference a few years back.

“I saw the indie mega booth where they had video game soundtracks on vinyl. This is something I didn’t know was a thing,” he recalls. “I was like, well, that’s interesting. You’ve got Undertale and Grim Fandango soundtracks. I came home with the soundtrack to Doki Doki Literature Club but I was thinking, ‘why haven’t we got all the point-and-click adventure game soundtracks on vinyl?’”

This planted the seed for a Qrates campaign of the Space Quest IV soundtrack, re-orchestrated by Pleimert, from which he was buoyed by public interest and spawned his new label: “I kind of just stuck Two Guys Records on the sleeve as a joke because the original designers of Space Quest were called the ‘two guys from Andromeda.’”

Read the full interview here

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