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King’s Chill Vol. 2 now crowdfunding

The chill sounds of Daventry returns!

King’s Chill Vol. 1 was a resounding success. LGR seemed to like it, anyway. 🙂

So we’re very happy and proud to announce the next album in the series:
King’s Chill Vol. 2: “To Chill is Human, To Vibe is Divine.”

Pre-order your copy now

This is a heavy-duty-weight two-colored vinyl featuring 9 remixes of familiar King’s Quest tunes:

Side A

  1. A Passage to Tamir (the KQ4 main theme)
    remixed by SQH
  2. Read a Book and Chill (the KQ6 bookworm theme)
    remixed by A. Edmark
  3. Under a Daventry Moon (the KQ1 remake main theme)
    remixed by Brandon Blume
  4. Nectar of the Gods (the KQ5 oasis theme)
    remixed by Erik Elsom
  5. Cave Mashup (the KQ7 caves theme)
    remixed by Jon Paul Sapsford

Side B

  1. Lounge Willow (the KQ5 willow tree theme)
    remixed by EpicPotatoFiend & SQH
  2. The Bong of Respite (the KQ8 Hall of Respite theme)
    remixed by JBH
  3. Erasure of Daventry (the KQ8 Daventry theme)
    remixed by Jon Paul Sapsford
  4. Etheria Chill (the KQ7 Etheria theme)
    remixed by SQH

All of course lovingly mixed and mastered for vinyl.

We need 200 pre-orders minimum and the campaign ends Dec. 10, 2021, so please spread the word! I mean, who doesn’t want a bit of Daventry chill under the Christmas tree?

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