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King’s Quest V – the complete soundtrack

Yes, you heard me. You thought I’d never do a King’s Quest soundtrack, right? Well, you’re right! I didn’t!

And now I won’t have to!

Because my good friend Erik of Magic Map Studio has created the definitive re-orchestration of the King’s Quest V soundtrack.

Six months in the making and featuring live instrumentation and vocals, “King’s Quest V: Songs of Serenia” is a loving and meticulously crafted tribute by someone who actually gives a shit about King’s Quest.

The record will be available on double heavy-duty dual-colored vinyl. The music itself has been lovingly mastered especially for vinyl by professional music producer Jon Paul Sapsford.

The sleeve artwork is by Bruce Brenneise, who has also done a fabulous gatefold image (shown below).

The label artwork on the vinyls themselves are done by Al Eufrasio, an ex-artist at Sierra On-Line whose credits include Torin’s PassageKing’s Quest VII, and Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption (shown below).

The project needs 200 backers and is already close to halfway to its goal (88 backers, at current time of writing).

So if you’ve ever wanted King’s Quest V on vinyl — that is, the true, authentic sound of King’s Quest V — then this is your chance!

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