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Pixel Road – a very special 7″ for a very special cause

Have you met “The Pixels”?

Chances are you haven’t, ‘cos we just made ’em up. But here’s what it actually is: It’s a 7″ record featuring music from Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist and Laura Bow 2: The Dagger of Amon Ra… but like you’ve never heard it before.


  • Josh Mandel and the CGG Crew singing the Ballad of Freddy Pharkas
  • A punk rock cover of The Archaeologist’s Song from Laura Bow 2
  • Josh Mandel reading a very naughty blurb from Leisure Suit Larry 1’s manual…
  • …while Al Lowe plays a sleazy saxophone solo!

Get your copy here!

This is a joint production between the Classic Gamers Guild, Magic Map Studio, and Two Guys Records.

All proceeds of this record go to Extra Life.