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Questions about past and future Space Quest vinyl projects… answered! (Hopefully)

Right! This status update covers quite a bit of ground, so my apologies if this seems a bit scatterbrained. It’s been a hell of a week and this is the first time I’ve really had to sit down and try to get my head around what’s going on. I’ll try to keep things short and sweet.

When is Space Quest IV getting repressed?

The short answer is: never. But I have something even better for you! I have put together a deluxe 2-LP complete soundtrack that contains all of the original LPs soundtrack + the Galaxy Galleria EP music + 5 extra tracks from the game that I couldn’t fit on the original record.

I was going to launch the campaign for this right after SQ5 ended, but I have since been informed that I may need to slow things down and give people time to actually save up to pledge to these damned things. So I’m going to wait a month and launch the campaign for “SQ4 – Blue Frogs Edition” (yes, that’s its name) in October 2020.

What are the 5 extra tracks, you may ask? Well, why don’t I just show you a complete track list.

Side A
01 Main Theme
02 Off to Magmetheus With You, Then
03 Seedy Spaceport Bar
04 A Pain In My… Future
05 Junior’s Rescue
06 Streets of Xenon*
07 Xenon Cyborg
08 Professor Lloyd
09 It’s Slime Time!
10 Patrolship Landing / The Stowaway

* Note: This is a different “Streets of Xenon” than the one on the original 12″. This one has that “dunnn-dunnn-dunnn-dun-dun-dun-duuuuunnnn” funeral march theme that everyone remembers most fondly.

Side B
01 The Landing Bay
02 Copy Protection (Extended)
03 Wow! What an Incredible View!
04 The Nest
05 Zondra
06 Submarine Ride
07 EpiRip 357 (Latex Babe Torture Scene)
08 It’s A Sea Slug! Run, Girls!
09 Our Hero
10 Meanwhile, Back in Space Quest XII…

Side C
01 Let’s Go Shopping
02 Galaxy Galleria
03 Sacks
04 Big & Tall
05 Buckazoid Bill’s Arcade
06 Ms Astro Chicken
07 Radio Shock
08 Monolith Burger
09 Burger Time
10 Skate-o-Rama

Side D
01 Time Warp to Ulence Flats*
02 Rocket Bar
03 The Monochrome Boys
04 Laser Tunnel
05 The Super Computer**
06 Format Countdown
07 Show Me What You’ve Got, Mop Jockey
08 My Mother, Your Wife***
09 The Last Time Rip (End Credits)
10 A Real Pantload (Game Over)

* This one has the “false start” time warp music that quite frankly an astonishing number of people were upset I left out of the original record.
** This one is slightly extended from the original record’s version.
*** This one FINALLY fixes that stupid bum note from the original record that hurts my ears every time I hear it!

When and how can I buy the SQ3 vinyl if I missed the campaign?

As you may know, there are going to be an extra 100 copies of the SQ3 vinyl printed up. These will go on sale after the backers receive their copy, which I’m told will happen sometime in November.

The 100 extra copies will be sold from the Qrates website; specifically from the campaign page at

Once again, these are absolutely non-profit. Your money will go straight to the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Response Fund. Why? Because… you know, pandemics suck.

Thank you for reading this far! And thank you so much for backing these projects. I hope you will be happy with the results!

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