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Space Quest IV: Blue Frogs funded!

It looked like a lost cause, and I must confess I had actually given up hope.

But then, right at the end, with only a week to go, a massive surge of online boosts and pleads suddenly washed over social media… and it worked!

Space Quest IV Reorchestrated “Blue Frogs” Complete Soundtrack double vinyl is fully funded and will be made!

I spent last night preparing the final audio mixes and sending the artwork to Steve Coupe, who will once again do the color corrections and make sure the artwork on the sleeve and labels are as crisp and beautiful as they can be.

I have put up a digital version of the album which you canĀ download for free here.

Massive thanks to all of you who backed it, spread the word, and just generally became an absolute nuisance to friends and family over the last nail-biting week. This record couldn’t have done it without your incredible help! Thank you!

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