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Space Quest: The Movie – Original Soundtrack — on transparent vinyl w/exclusive artwork!

This year, Space Quest fans got together and created Space Quest: The Movie — a re-edit of the first Space Quest game featuring all-new dialogue, voices, and a brand new soundtrack composed by the Space Quest Historian.

The soundtrack is now crowdfunding a special vinyl edition on Qrates. The vinyl will be a heavy-weight transparent vinyl. It will feature the entire soundtrack of the movie and all the music from the Apple IIGS version of the original game!

The cover art is a beautiful painting of Roger lost in the Keronian desert by Ted Arfken.

The music itself has been professionally mixed and mastered by Brandon Blume, Jon Paul Sapsford, and JBH — three names you may recognize from our recent King’s Chill remix album.

The vinyl edition also features exclusive artwork by Marc Hawkinson! The inner sleeves will have two reproductions of iconic scenes from the game rendered by Marc.

We’re looking at a minimum of 200 pre-orders for this thing to come to life. But that also means that the price for a single copy is just $22 USD!

You can also get a free digital version of the soundtrack album from

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