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SQ5 double vinyl campaign has launched

Look, we’ve done this twice already. You’d think it’d be less nervewracking this time around. You’d be very wrong indeed!

This time, I’m not only asking double the amount of people to back a vinyl. I’m asking double the amount of people to back a double vinyl that’s also a heavy-weight vinyl and comes in a full-color gatefold sleeve. God, I’m getting almost dizzy just writing that out.

This time, the asking price for a copy is €31.20. To put that in perspective, the Space Quest IV one was €18.72 and the Space Quest III one was €21.54. The SQ3 one was a little pricier because it is being pressed in and shipped from the U.S. I don’t mean to keep the prices rising on these, I really don’t — remember, I don’t take a profit from any of these. This is just how things work out, it seems.

So, I’ve learned my lesson from SQ3 and have moved pressing and shipping back to the U.K. for SQ5. But the heavy-weight, two-color splatter vinyl and the gatefold cover – not to mention that there are TWO vinyls this time – means the asking price is up to a whopping €31.20.

And the whole reason for setting the goal to 200 pre-orders instead of just 100, like with SQ3 and SQ4, was because if I didn’t, the price would be even higher!

So that’s why I’m hoping you guys will help me spread the word as much as possible (without being an outright nuisance, of course). Please point people to (or, if you like, the full-length url,

Remember, if we only get 199 pre-orders, no one gets a record.

Feel free to copy and show everyone the lovely artwork of the vinyl. Brandon Blume once again did a fantastic job upscaling the graphics from the original game, and he even went so far as to redraw the logo!

Front cover
Back cover
Inner gatefold

I’m crossing my fingers for this one! Thanks for all your help.

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